In Motion with Paragraph



To celebrate the step into the world of football with our Limited Edition FC Barcelona styles, we got in touch with master of all things stop-motion @patagraph. We asked him to visually bring the timeline of our our sports partnerships to life in a way only he knows best. We caught up with him to give us a bit of insight into where it all started and his creative process for creating a video.

@patagraph | Vimeo


From your earliest memories, where did your creativity start?

I think I always liked to create things from scratch. When I was young I remember I could spend a lot of time building stuff with tooth-stick, tape glue and paper. I remember this summer I was 7 yo, I found a straw, a cork, a string and a kind of little cogwheel. I put all together and here it was : “the saw pipe” !


How did you find your passion for Stop Motion?

When I was 12 yo I saved enough money to by my first camera, a VHS-C camera. At the end of the manual there was a paragraph about a stop motion module that allows you to shoot frame by frame. At this moment I couldn't afford it but the seed was planted !

And 10 years later, I’ve been to an architecture student exhibition where one of the student showed a quick dirty clay animation. That was the reveal! I bought a new camera a computer and started to make stop motion!



Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Sometimes, when I look around and I imagine what could happen if things were having their own life when you are not looking. It happens when I can make correlation between utensils and real life object or monument. For example the sink looking like a skate ramp.

I also think imagination is like a muscle, if you start working it then it it all flows.


Do you explore any other mediums of art?

I wish I could draw! Actually I love to draw, but I don’t think I’m a good drawer. I know how, and some basis, but I don’t have the skills and the knowledge of the body-postures.

I wish I had more time. But at the moment I grow my kids, and its a kind of art too !



How long does the process of creating one of your videos take?

It all depends on the complexity of the project. It’s faster to animate a bouncing ball on a white background than car chase with an exploding helicopter in the death valley.

There are also animations harder than others like an expressive talking character. 

But usually we count one hour to animate one second (without counting setting up and lighting the scene)

Usually, when I’m asked to develop a 30s film, I take about a week to write and draw the storyboard, another week or two are dedicated to the model making, then it takes a week to animate and one more week for the post production and sound design.

I must admit I don’t like when it takes too long for a project. I’m usually excited by the novelty of an idea, and then I want to do it now and work on fire. Otherwise I start to be used to it and get bored.


Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start making their own stop motion videos?

My best advice would be to go and try. Grab a piece of clay and a webcam and start to animate.

You can also watch others animations frame by frame to see how the animator did what he did and what he didn’t do.

You can start to understand which steps of the animation are necessary and which are not.

And animate, animate, animate...