INFIKNKIT™️ - Science made simple.


INFIKNIT is really pretty simple: We use an air jet to add texture to the nylon fibre which allows it to grip onto the twisted yarns. That grip substantially increases the resistance to abrasion which prevents holes, rips and tears. Each pair purchased comes with a lifetime guarantee, with no strings attached. Explore the full INFIKNIT collection now by clicking here.

Don’t just take our word for it, we linked up with minimal menswear mogul Anthony Lee to try out a few pairs to get his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

‘I've been putting these through daily wears / washes for the past few weeks and safe to say the quality holds up easy daily drivers for those long days on my feet’.



Our customers have said some pretty nice things too:

‘Didn’t think it was possible, but these new INFIKNIT Boyd staples add an even more premium feel to a sock that I already thought was pretty perfect! And you can’t beat that guarantee ’. – Josh

‘The comfort is like I’ve never experienced in a sock before and they just hug your feet. Could not recommend enough; a stylish and quality sock’. – Alice

Fancy giving them a whirl? Head over to our INFIKNIT collection and try them for yourself.

No rips, no tears, like forever.