Mark Oblow

Mark Oblow (@markoblow) cut his teeth in the world of skateboarding, having had a creative hand in every medium possible from brand development to video, graphics to team, he’s done it all. He’s been shooting photos since the age of 14 with a long time affinity for fashion photography. Mark is a man of many talents and has developed his own unique look and style of art which is hard to classify but could be put in the “multi-medium creative” bucket. Couple the photography with the raw art creativity and you get a unique and one-of-a-kind result that is sure to draw you in to want to see more. Stance is proud to present its Mark Oblow mask for Spring. The mask is made of butter-blend fabrication for comfort, tied in with Mark’s creative cut and paste art aesthetics.




What inspired you to be an artist?

I was inspired to be an artist by surfing, skateboarding and punk rock music.


You have been a Stance punk & poet since the beginning of the brand, how did you first team up with them and what made you want to work with the brand?

I have been with Stance from the beginning of the brand. My childhood best friend, Ryan Kingman, approached me with the idea and the first pair of Stance socks. In which I had the honour of photographing. When hearing of the punk & poets program I was honoured to join the team.




Where does the design from your mask come from? Does it have any meaning?

The design of my mask came from me wanting to bring light and promote a positive feeling with colours lines and shapes intertwined with nature. I wanted to include all and offend none when wearing, but rather uplift and promote a positive energy. On the reverse side is black to go with any situation and blend in like a cat, having my caricature pistol the cat and signature.



You have photographed so many different people, who were some of your favourite to shoot and why?

I have photographed so many people and continue to. Dylan Rieder has been one of my favourite ever to photograph do to his iconic style and being one of skateboarding greats as well as Ozzy (Osbourne), do you need to ask?? and Mark Gonzales my favourite artist.


Your music collection is amazing. Who are your top 3 bands and why?

I've got a massive music collection. Radiohead is always #1! I love Cat Power and Olomana – Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u.


Where can our audience find more about Mark Oblow? 

You can find more on me @markoblow, @studio35hm,, and


Final words to live by? 

Live PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), uplift, and love more.