Meet the Creators: Amelia Le Brun


Amelia is a freelance photographer and writer, born in Germany, raised in Jamaica and currently residing in Northumberland UK with her girlfriend and two rescue dogs and cat!

@amslebrun |


We know you love to travel, how have you dealt with the pandemic and has it affected your creativity at all?

Travel is massive for me; I grew up doing it and it has really shaped me as an individual. The Pandemic has basically caused one of my worst fears to come true, I never really thought we would live in a world that can so suddenly and so drastically shut down, normality was put on a hold along with a lot of other stuff. In terms of my creativity, I think I definitely struggled at the beginning, I had times where I just felt totally lack luster, but as cliched as it is lock down provided me with the perfect opportunity to explore my back yard. So I think as soon as I pulled myself out of the funk I was in I truly appreciated the fact that my actual back yard is a huge beach with a castle on it. Not the usual type of back yard, but one that I have spent the past year using to my advantage, and really getting to know.


Where’s left on the bucket list that you’d like to visit when the world returns to normal? 

New Zealand has been crazy high on my bucket list for ages, so the idea of hopping in a van for a month would be amazing.


But even higher is India, in fact we had a three-week trip planned for this January just gone so my desire to visit is even stronger now.



What gets you inspired on a daily basis?

 My mother used to say it’s all about “the excitement of possibility” and this has resonated with me my whole life. Sometimes it’s nothing specific that gets me inspired, in fact most often I get inspired about my ideas, reading articles, watching films and listening to podcasts. The idea of what I can do is infinitely exciting to me.



Adventure seems to be a big part of your life, where do you think that passion came from? 

Undoubtedly my childhood. I was super lucky to grow up with three siblings and moving to a new house and country every four years. My father was a Colonel in the British Army and regularly led us out on expeditions; from the mountains of Scotland to the back country lanes of Jamaica, tearing through the sugar cane in our Land Rover Defender. My childhood was idyllic and lit a fire in me for travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.


What’s your go-to pair of Stance Socks? 

When I can get my hands on them (my girlfriend steals them constantly!!) the Trip Out crew are my favourite, with a pair of rolled up jeans.



What’s one bit of advice you’d give for anyone who is thinking about dedicating their life to living on the open road?

There is that whole cliché of ‘just do it’ which I am all for, equally I am a huge advocate for doing what feels right. Maybe you want to go part time living on the road, with a mattress in the back of an old transit van, or maybe you want something totally impractical like I have (and love!) I don’t think that’s any less valid than people who kit out entire school buses or vans and live in them 24/7. Trust your gut, and remember that comfort is a slow death.