Meet the Creators: Evie Johnstone


Hello! My name is Evie. I live in Cornwall, and I like (love) surfing, travelling and dogs. My passion is photography, and I'm lucky to call this my job. I surfed professionally for my younger years until I was 26, and I spent seven years living in Costa Rica and two years in Spain before coming back home to the UK. This year hasn't involved much travelling with my work, but I've been super grateful to spend some time exploring and shooting around Cornwall which, I have to say, is so very beautiful and I am truly grateful to call it my home.  


How have you been keeping during the pandemic?

I think I am the same as a lot of people in saying that it's been a bit of a roller coaster, with so many different emotions surfacing throughout the year. It's been a bit mad hasn't it?  On the main part though, I've stayed pretty positive, and immersed myself in work, creativity and photography. It's the first year for me without too much moving around and travel, so I've had to really find new ways to be creative with my work to keep it exciting, as the locations haven't really changed. This has been pretty cool for me actually, taking time to learn new skills, in shooting and in editing, and slowing down the process somewhat. 


What inspires you to get out and get creative? 

Ooo, so many things! Sunrise is my favourite time of day, getting up early always excites me. I love the way the early sunlight paints the sky all kinds of pastels, it's my favourite colour palette. Light plays such a huge part in photography, for me it's the most important thing, and it always seems so clean and fresh in the morning.



Your images have a dream like quality to them, how did you go about finding your style? 

Ah thanks. Maybe I'm trying to create my dream life through my photos ha. I think photography is a lot about your lifestyle, how you see the world, how you see the people you shoot, connecting with your subjects. I guess my style came from my travels and my obsession with adventure, and wanting to make people happy along the way. 


What do you get up to when youre not taking photos?

Surf. Look for waves. Chase the tides. Go on adventures in my van with my dog. All the fun things. 


When it comes to surfing, wheres your go-to spot in the UK?

Oooo. I love Cornwall of course, but I also love Scotland, Scotland is really like nowhere else in the world. 



Who are 5 other creative females that need more recognition?







Where can our community find more of your work?

I have a website that I try to keep updated, but it's been a short while,

And instagram @eviejohnstone.stylist