Meet The Creators: Jake Baggaley

Jake Baggaley is a commercial adventure and lifestyle photographer, trail runner, mountaineer and general lover of all things outdoors/adventure
Using his background in editorial and travel photography, Jake aims to capture real honest moments in nature with a focus on human emotion and interaction with the landscape. He is based on the south coast of the UK but available for commission worldwide.
Jake, by the looks of your work, you’re got some air mileage under your belt, where’s next on the list of places to photograph in?
aha, yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to get around a bit. I would love to spend more time shooting in Northern Norway, I’ve been once, but not for a shoot and the landscape is stunning, some amazing routes in the mountains and I love shooting in the snow! To be honest there are too many places to list, I’ve got a little notebook of locations I want to shoot at and its getting pretty full these days
When you open your sock drawer, what’s the one pair of socks you always go to grab?

Im a big fan of the Wool version of the Run Crew sock, super comfy and soft and they look and feel pretty slick too. I also just love the OG, such a classic look!



You’ve shot a lot of different subjects in your time, from Run to adventure imagery. Is there anything you’d love to try your hand at?

I would really love to try my hand at some more motorsports, been on the hunt for some motocross models to get some cool shoots going. I’d love to get back into shooting in the mountains more too after last year was a bit of a write off and all my travel jobs got pushed!


When did you decide that photography was going to be your career?

Both my parents were into photography growing up and it was pretty rare I didn’t have a camera in hand, from shooting skate stuff when I was younger to more travel stuff when I started to get older. I studied Commercial photography at uni (what feels like a loooong time ago now) and have been working commercially ever since!



What other creative mediums do you explore if any?

Pretty much just photography, I’ve done some video stuff and I do enjoy it, but I’m so lucky to love what I do and when I’m not shooting I just want to be outside exploring or planning bigger adventures/expeditions! 



Where can our community find more of your work?


Im @jakebaggaley.photographer on instagram then Ive got a personal Insta @cakejaggaley which is more just phone snaps of when i’m out on adventures or traveling rather than commercial work. And my site is where I’ve got a little print store too


End of April I’ve got a book coming out of my photos from a trip to Chernobyl 12 years ago, all to raise money for some Chernobyl charities, so stoked to be launching that soon too!