Meet the Creators: James North



I’m a portrait, music & snowboarding photographer based in London.

I am lucky to travel all over the globe (until the Covid fun police shut that down), shooting fashion lifestyle campaigns for brands and creative agencies. I co-own The Reason Snowboard Magazine, the UK’s only snowboard printed publication which has been going for over a decade now I’m pleased to say.

During the winter you will find me bouncing somewhere between cities, the mountains and the cold streets of Scandinavia. I also love Marmite and that new chilli one is next level.


Hey James, how have you been dealing with these pretty turbulent times?

Aside from the mild alcoholism, no government help, constant money worries… yeah completely fine. Haha!

In all seriousness, it hasn’t been easy but above all else, I’m grateful for my friends & family’s health which is of course, the most important thing right now.

I’m also super grateful to all my clients for keeping things ticking over during this past year too.

We will get through this madness and all come out stronger.


Where did your love of photography come from?

It all started at school at the age of 15. My school had an incredible photography department and when given the chance study it as a GSCE, I jumped at the opportunity.

To be honest, I hated school (well the studying part) as I deemed it pointless to learn about things I had zero interest in and resented being forced into it. I was never an academic so a creative path felt like the natural route. As soon as I got going with a camera, I was hooked and started shooting all my mates when we went skating at the weekend.

Digital wasn’t a thing back then so I spent many years honing my craft shooting only film and being locked in the darkroom.

I still love it and if not, even more now than ever.

People always say that I’m lucky to do what I do but it’s taken a lot of knockbacks, hard work and dedication to get here. Where I do consider myself very lucky is that I found my passion so young, as I know that’s not easy to come by, especially as you move through life.



When you’re not taking photos, what are you usually up to?

Trying to hang and spend time with my two little girls. Dad life is a constant learning curve!

Skating, surfing and snowboarding as much as possible. I truly find these the most relaxing things I do as when I’m doing them, I think of nothing else.

After a session I feel like my mind has had a reset. It’s great therapy.

Trying to learn the handpan right now too…with not much success!


How have you been finding being indoors a bit more?

Double edge sword really.

I’ve got loads of jobs done on the house, ticked off plenty of things such as build a new website that kept getting pushed way down the list but for my sanity, it’s been tough.

That’s one thing I love about my job is that every day is different. New challenges and different environments always present themselves and I’ve been missing that.

It has been nice spending more time in my local area though, exploring what’s on my doorstep.


If you could come up with you dream Stance collaboration, who would it be with and why?

Tough one!  So many across music, art and snowboarding - it’s hard to pin to one.

That being said, I think it would have to be ex pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew aka Trouble Andrew.

He was always one of my favorite pro shreds, who is now an incredible artist and creator of GucciGhost.

I have an original screen print of his on the wall which takes pride of place in my office.

His work would look so sick on socks and other garms. Can we make it happen?!


You’ve shot a lot of action sports in your time, is there a sport on your wish list that you’ve not had the chance to shoot yet?

Air guitar world championships? Wife Carrying? Extreme Ironing? Probably one of those.



Which artists in your lockdown spotify playlist have you had on repeat?

So much good music came out last year but here’s a few albums which have been on heavy rotation.

Kano – Hoodies All Summer

Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – Breathing Exercises

Fliptrix – Lightwork

Verbz & Mr Slipz – Radio Waves


Where can our community find our find more of your work?

All the usual’s such as insta @jamesnorthphoto & my website

I also have a print store on my website and have started selling NFTs via Foundation.


But… if you want to see the real premium stuff - you’ve gotta contact me via carrier pigeon.



Just want to say a big thanks to you guys at Stance. Best socks in the game and it’s a pleasure working with you.


photos: @ellisdawg