Meet the Creators: Tom Bing


Tom Bing is a photographer, Dad, surfer and bike rider from the North East of England. Forever indebted to Bruce Brown - the blueprint for all that is good in the world - waves and bikes.


Tom, we’ve seen your a bit of a petrolhead, where did the love of two wheels stem from?

I think I have always been drawn to the freedom aspect of any vehicle, whether that be two wheels, vans or cars. I grew up saving for petrol for road trips with friends to ride BMX and go to gigs. A few years ago my wife and I dreamed up an idea to travel from Chile to California to surf and explore, small capacity dirt bikes were the perfect affordable go-anywhere vehicles for the job. We rode 26,000km across 12 countries for a year. That kind of solidified my love for motorbikes and the inherent adventure they represent. 


Where do you look for inspiration in your work?

I have to feel passionate about the subjects I am shooting; then I just try to do my best to capture what I see the way I see it. I like to have a hand in producing shoots, once everything is set up right, photos shoot themselves. I just try to put a lot of myself into what I do; the inspiration I draw from travel, surfing, riding, friends etc all spills into my work.



What would your dream photoshoot look like?

California, desert, bikes, sunset, tacos.

Baja, offshores, 3-4ft, sunset, tacos.

I’m lucky to have shot both.


Any tips for keeping inspired and creative while in lockdown?

Stay active, periods of inactivity make creativity feel daunting. Shoot, work within parameters, try something new. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling though, we all are.


Best roads for riding in the world?

Malibu Canyons, Latigo, Mulholland, Stunt, Tuna Canyon. I could, and have multiple times, spent days up there.



Who are your favourite photographers at the moment

Monti Smith (@mounce) kills it constantly, my friend and fellow North East surfer Skin Andy is shooting some stuff that I wish I had the patience for showing our land in an incredible light (@venturenorthphotography), always and forever Glen E Friedman.


What drew you to life behind the lens?

I think my interest in photography came from my Grandad. He was super into it and I think it rubbed off. I grew up riding BMX and in the hardcore punk scene, both these spaces are really creative and I was drawn to photography.

I’ve tried having a job, it wasn’t for me. I am not afraid of hard work so I decided to take a hobby and work my arse off to turn it into a job.


Where can our community find more of your work?

My account on IG is @tombingphoto. I’m taking some time to work hard on our brand @surfyonder, in reality that is where 99% of my work is ending up right now which is cool. You can check out back issues of Built Magazine, Sideburn Magazine or theres a fairly extensive portfolio at