Outside Stance - Issue 2




How are you? How are you feeling?

This issues we're supporting Mental Health Awareness Month. During this crisis, we recognise the challenges around isolation and that, as a community, our mental health is suffering. We have a couple of tools that will support you and help you look after yourself and those around you. For some of you, lock down restrictions are easing but if you're still struggling under local restrictions we have some beautiful content that we hope will inspire and bring a little happiness to your everyday.

-Team Stance

🧘‍♀️  Headspace

With the world going into crisis it's important to look after your mind and your mental fitness. If you're unemployed you can get a free year of Headspace Plus.


🎧  Spotify X Mind - Mental Health Awarenessaware week

Spotify has teamed up with CALM to launch a week’s worth of dedicated content for Mental Health Awareness Week.


🧦  Design a Sock

Grab a pen, some pencils or your spray cans and unleash your pent up creativity with our design a sock competition.


🎥  The Last Dance

The untold story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago bulls. A beautifully crafted blend of archival footage and candid interviews confirms there's nobody quite like Mike or the team he led to victory.


🎥  Audi Nines

The Audi Nines is the snowsports superbowl. Big features, big tricks, big names.


🚲  To the women who keep pedalling: Black Girls Do Bike

Black girls do bike is a beautiful short. The community spirit dedicated to introducing the power of cycling to more women, with a focus on girls and women of colour is inspiring.


🛹  Meet Kamali - India's 9-year-old skateboarding protege

An incredibly moving story of a singles mother's fight for her daughters empowerment through Skateboarding.


👟  Learn photo magic

Spanish sneaker photographer and content creator @sljphoto teaches you how to get the perfect levitation shot.