Stance at Hossegor 2018

An October evening in #Hossegor, South of France; the time of year when the sunsets reign, and the water is still warm. We bring together our local Punks and Poets*, and friends and family for a night of fine wine, and home-cooked nourishment for a European take on the #stancesocialclub. It was the perfect venue to showcase our #T-shirts in the WAXED pop up.

WAXED are our hosts, a refreshing partnership between two long time friends with a love for #coffee, travel and #surfing. After many visits to #Hossegor on surf trips, searching for the perfect cup of coffee, Cai and Will decided to start a business aiming to achieve a lifelong goal of providing a modern experience of coffee culture in a world class surf destination. We join forces with the boys to bring together a night of food, music, quality conversation and lingering end of summer feels.

In alignment with our brand campaign, #uncovertheuncommon - we used the opportunity to celebrate a new wave of creative energy that seems to be emerging in #Hossegor. An updated take on surf culture, in an iconic surf town. Bringing together an eclectic and open-minded group of individuals, all helping us stamp our European movement.

*Those artists and athletes on the fringe, who never seem to simply accept, choosing instead to challenge the status quo. The risk takers out there that not only see the opportunities brought by change, but prove courageous enough to actually get up and do something about it. To make an impact. To try a different way. To Uncover the Uncommon. Dedicated to the makers of extraordinary things, be they known or anonymous, steadily pushing things forward for the betterment of all. Because our belief is that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s what you bring to the table.*

The menu was designed with a more holistic approach to what the past gen of surfers and skaters may be used to. Burgers and chips, are replaced with a vegetable Dahl, and a dairy free cheesecake. Wine is organic, and all ingredients are locally sourced. Allpress supplied the best blend for the Espresso Martinis which are hand crafted by local Mixologist as the ultimate desert. Every decision, look and feel, taste and sight is considered, and conscious.

#Hossegor currently stands in the middle, an interesting space, between the old and new wave. We're stoked to be supporting the new wave, pushing culture forward, pushing change, and bringing friends along for the ride. Oh and of course, taking and learning from the past, adapting it you may say to create something better.

Here's to warm vibes, welcoming faces, and new ideas.

The road less travelled is the most scenic.

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Hossegor Stance Socks

Hossegor Stance Socks