In the last weekend in June, Fistral Beach saw the 2019 English National Adaptive Surfing Open. Year on year, the competition has continued to grow in size: 2019 welcomed over 40 entries across 6 categories, but also over 50 volunteers who gave their time to learn key skills on Adaptive Surfing, helping the competitors get down to the water and compete.

Uniting Adaptive Surfers in their common love for surfing, the competing divisions were identified by the competitors individual surfing functional ability including Assisted; Prone; Sitting/Kneeling; Standing, Men’s Open & Women’s Open. An inclusive environment for those with all kinds of disability, it was awe-inspiring to witness these surfers achieve what some could assume impossible. 

Surfing England
strive to create opportunities for everyone to get into the water, no matter if they have a disability or not. The event definitely brought together members to the Adaptive Surf family and enticed new surfers to get involved with the action. With the help of the 50+ volunteers, including participants from Stance, Surfability and Surf England, the atmosphere and camaraderie amongst surfers and volunteers made it an extraordinary event that Stance are proud to continue to support.