Stance X Surf Yonder

Waves splash against shivering limbs. Jump in: head and heart are both under the swell. Laughter ripples through the water and inhibitions have been lost amongst like-minded ladies. Let us introduce you to the ultimate all-women surf camp: Surf Yonder.

Led by Sally McGee, Surf Yonder brings together women who wish to develop confidence, knowledge and skills in the ocean. Surfing for over twelve years, Sally began surfing on the Yorkshire coast before moving to the North East, where she currently resides with her family, husband Tom and their baby Billy. 

Surf Yonder is a celebration of the fierce independence, beauty and lifestyle that accompanies surfing. A way to share her passion, Sally teaches and hosts surf camps for women to progress and gain confidence in a supportive setting.

Surf Yonder were kind enough to invite Stance and our friend Niesh Vanterpool for the beginners’s camp in Cornwall. For a London native, sleeping under the stars and embracing the crashes of sea water was completely out of Niesh’s comfort zone. Nonetheless, Niesh threw herself into the challenge and documented her experience on her Youtube channel. Take a look at her vlog below:

You can follow Niesh Vanterpool on her Youtube Channel, Instagram or head over to her blog

For more information on Surf Yonder and the rad Surf Camps that they hold, head to their website or follow them on Instagram