We caught up with Stance punk and poet, snowboarder, and all around awesome human @jill_perkins on what she’s currently been up to. Check out the interview below. 


The snow season is finally here, where are you riding this season?


It’s time. I have been riding at Brighton Resort and Woodward Park City. Both really fun with great options for all skill levels.


What’s your go to gear when you ride?


I typically ride the Ride Back Talk but this year I have been riding a new board. It's called the Zero and it is a unisex board made by Ride that will hit shops next season. Best board.


What music have you been listening to lately?


The world doesn’t go round without a little bit of sad girl music haha. My music fluctuates with what I am doing. Some go-to’s are Caamp, Taylor Swift, Rex Orange County, and Ruby Haunt. Then we have the other side of the spectrum to get the pump up happening.



You pick any new hobbies or interest during COVID?


I picked up a couple things. I started making candles and stitching clothes but ultimately I just skated every day.


What do you have planned for the New Year?


This year is weird. Nothing, playing it safe. :)


Final words to live by?


Gas up your friends.