Russ Pope's art draws from the social and political environment surrounding him in his daily life. Pope's inspirations have been skateboarding, music and the creative, interesting people he encounters daily. His bold strokes, finite doodles and striking paintings are comprised of faces, still-life portraits and humorous events. From his early days in Central California, skateboarding, drawing and attending punk shows, to his current life in New England. We caught up with punk and poet Russ Pope to see what he’s been up to lately. Check the interview below.


From a young age where did some of your inspiration come from to ultimately become a creative?


When I was a kid I was inspired by things like Dr. Seuss, comic books, and The Peanuts (Joe cool and Pig Pen)






Originally you are from California, what made you want to move to New England?


I moved to New England because I was looking for a geographic change of pace, I love the east coast, seasons, Maine, VT, NYC, Philly, the close proximity to Europe, I can be in Paris quicker than I can get to LA. I’d lived my whole life in CA and was ready for a change.


You’re a big music person, what were your go-to records in 2020 that kept you going?


Man, I had a pretty eclectic mix going, maybe I’ll give 7 hot ones...

- Jorge Ben “Ben E Samba Bom

- Seu Jorge “Live at Montreux 2005

- Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 “The Message

- Serge Gainsbourg “Aux Armes Et Cateara

- Dizzy Gillespie “Salt Peanuts"

- Tommy Guerrero “El Camino Negro

- Fela Kuti “The 69 Los Angeles Sessions

- Black Flag “Everything Went Black

That’s tough to do, could’ve listed 50 easily....



You’ve been a longtime Stance Punk and Poet, how did you first get introduced to the brand. What Stance projects have you worked on in the past?


It’s crazy to say, but I’ve actually been with Stance since day one. I was first introduced to the brand by the founders, specifically Ryan Kingman, Aaron, and Taylor... I’ve worked on socks that were signature colourways of mine for Snowboarding, Skateboarding, specific retailers like Japanese exclusives with Heshdawgz, I’ve done my take on Mickey for Disney collabs, my take on Darth Vader for a Star Wars collab , underwear, multiple big in store murals, including one that’s three stories high on Broadway in Manhattan.



Besides painting and doing all things creative, what other interest do you have?


I spend a lot of time on the bicycle, it keeps my body feeling good, rolling on my skateboard, love the beach, and my favourite is traveling, eating food & drinking coffee, places like Paris, Portugal, New York City, Philly, Tokyo, SF.