Women in Adventure: Jenny Tough

Celebrating all things adventure this summer, we are following fantastic women as they undertake adventures throughout Europe. To kick things off, we are proud to introduce Jenny, a self-confessed 'adventure traveller and endurance challenger' who is passionate about encouraging individuals to explore this incredible planet and push outside their comfort zones. We followed Jenny on her fastpacking trip through the Scottish Munros, inspiring women to have the confidence to undertake an 'everyday adventure'. Words and Video by Jenny Tough:

There is perhaps no better antidote to modern life than a night spent sleeping under the stars. On a Monday night in the Cairngorms, I set off on a 30km, 5-munro loop: a route that I would normally run in one nice day out, but this time I brought with me my bivvy and camping equipment, intending to go slow, enjoy myself, and just breathe in the (brief) summer weather.

As my shadows grew long across the snow-specked grass, I crested my fourth munro and turned towards the fifth, excited at the possibility that the weather might just hold, meaning I could, just maybe, sleep right on top of a munro. I’ve slept in and around many mountains in my life, but it's pretty rare and special to get a night on the summit. I filled my bottle in the last stream I crossed, before heading up to the true summit of Broad Cairn and then began searching for a space of grass wide and flat enough to fit just me in my cosy cocoon for the night.

The nights are short in late May in the Highlands, so it wasn’t long after enjoying my beautiful, personal sunset before I was woken again by a fiery sunrise. I was quick to get the stove on to enjoy a Sunrise Coffee - the best cuppa you’ll ever get, even if it got cold quite fast and there was definitely a couple of blades of grass in there.

Before 9am, I was already back at the car, ready to return to society and get to work on time, but with one crucial difference: the amazing relaxation of a night spent in nature. I didn’t consider myself a stressed out person before that night, but holy moly was I in a good place afterwards! I resolved there and then to start doing bivvy nights more often.

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